WingsOverAsia | 展翅亚洲 WOA pilots completes Airworthiness Test Flights for SY

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  • Posted By : Meng Ng
  • Posted On : Feb 18, 2013
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  • Category : Flight Concierge
  • Description : WOA pilots completes Airworthiness Test Flights for Singapore Youth Flying Club (operated by the Singapore Air Force)


  • Between the period of Aug2010 and Dec2011, WOA pilots were deeply involved in the operationalization of Singapore Youth Flying Club's purchase of 13 Diamond DA40 as the first pilots to flew all 13 DA40s on airworthiness certification test flights in coordination with CAAS & SYFC. 


    As long time partners supporting Diamond aircrafts in the region on delivery and demo flights, WOA pilots were very familiar with the Diamond range of aircrafts and hence involved in the sale and transition of the DA40s for SYFC. 


    Below is the keepsake photo taken of the 2 WOA pilots after the completion of the 13th and final DA40 airworthiness flight was done.