WingsOverAsia | 展翅亚洲 WOA receives GA Ground Handling License from Changi Airport Group

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  • Posted By : Meng Ng
  • Posted On : Apr 30, 2013
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  • Category : Flight Concierge
  • Description : WOA receives GA Ground Handling License from Changi Airport Group in recognition for many years of contribution in helping optimize and support private aircraft owners in Seletar Airport.
  • Location : Seletar Airport, Singapore


  • From designing and pushing the boundaries of convention by establishing the first compact parking design in Seletar Airport to being the objective voice of private aircraft operators and fostering a collaborative operational relationship with Changi Airport Group, WingsOverAsia has become a significant contributor to fostering the safe and efficient operations of GA aircrafts in Seletar Airport. Being awarded a ground handling license means we can now further contribute to ensuring smooth, optimized and efficient flow of foreign inbound GA traffic in Seletar and ensuring GA can co-exist in the eco-system of land-scarce Singapore in harmony with busines and commercial jets.


    And true to the grassroot spirit of WingsOverAsia, this significant milestone was marked over a simple casual lunch at Changi Airport with the GM of Seletar Airport and the Airline Development Grop counterparts.


    Thank you Changi Airport Group, we will continue to work hard to foster productivity and efficiency in Seletar Airport in close collaboration with fellow airport service providers and aircraft operators.